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Rusty's Retro Roadtrip



Mostly Oldies from the Eighties & Beyond:

So these are the tunes I listen to the most. They are generally old but cool. I’ll say what they are about/who each is for and why:


Songs for Me:

Ha Ha Ha- Flipper- To start things off, this is an awesome song about how everything is pathetic.

Teenage Frankenstein- Alice Cooper- I’m a monster. Just ask the baboons.

Scary Monsters and Super Creeps- David Bowie- I dedicate this to my lil school chums.

Cathedral- CSNY- A song about losing my religion.

Mad World- Gary Jules- I’m sorry to say I have felt this way most of my teens.

We All Stood Still- Ultravox- Because I am frozen in place. Maybe we all are.

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting- Carl Douglas- except my bro: Kick on wich yer bad self!


Songs for Leonie:

Rock On- David Essex- For Leo, the prettiest girl I ever seen. Turn the bass wayyyyy up!

Hungry Like the Wolf- Duran Duran- Because she always is. Hungry.

Da Da Da- Trio- I don’t love you; you don’t love me… what I wish Leo would tell Ratskin.

Tusk- Fleetwood Mac- Because I don’t think anyone tells her they love her.

She’s Lost Control -Joy Division- Because Leo is outta control. Seriously.

Fall Through The Cracks- Talking Heads- for Ratskin. Keep your big hands to yourself. Jerk.

I Saved The World Today- The Eurythmics- For Leonie, when she saved The Bomb.

Woman King- Iron & Wine- Because Leonie looks like a warrior princess in the purple silk robe.


Songs for Beau:

What Have I done to Deserve This? - Petshop Boys- It’s a question Beau asks.

Clampdown- The Clash- Boy, get running! It’s the best years of your life they want to steal!

Don’t Fade on Me- Tom Petty- For Beau, because he must stay so it does GET BETTER!!

I Can’t Find My Way Home- Ellen Mcllwaine- Beau, even though he is home, in my opinion.

The Town- Macklemore- I want The Town (Seattle) to be Beau’s home.


Songs for The Bomb:

Who Let The Dogs Out?- Baha Men- Answer: Leo. And she’d do it again!

Yellow Snow- Frank Zappa- Watch out where the huskies go! Lol!

I Wanna Be Your Dog- The Stooges- Who wouldn’t want to be Leo’s dog? She’s sweet and kind.

You Dropped A Bomb on Me- The Gap Band- Because: duh!!!! (…for us I think it’s ‘You Dropped The Bomb on Me’!)

Thank You- Dido- What The Bomb would tell Leo, if she could.


Random Songs for the Road:

Convoy- C.W. McCall- Because it’s hilarious! They got smokeys everywhere. Lolomg! 10-4!

Run Away (I Will Follow)-U2- Because we are running away.

Where Did You Sleep Last Night- Nirvana- What our moms were wondering; mine & Beau’s.

Bella Lugosi’s Dead –Bauhaus- For the vampires of Forks. (Also; Werewolves LaPush. Heh!)

Dark Side of the Moon- Pink Floyd- I don’t know, it just seems to fit, like a strange dream...


Songs for the Uncles:

Same Love- Macklemore- For the uncles, because it is the same love…

We’re a Happy Family- Ramones- Because it’s hilarious! Also because we’re not really hurt!

I’m Not Like Anybody Else- The Kinks- Because they’re not. Neither are you.

She Moves Through the Fair- Odetta- This is almost exactly the way Uncle Oscar sang this song at the ‘Annie-You-All’s Orphans’ Christmas Party.

In The Arms of The Angel- Sarah McLachlan- For Uncle Oscar- Because he’s such an angel to Lee, especially when she’s sad.

Over The Rainbow- Israel Kamakawiwo'ole- A really beautiful version of this awesome old song.


Songs to Make it Better:

Make it Stop (September’s Children) -Rise Against- Non-retro song about suicide and bullying.  Make it stop. Words hurt.

Working Class Hero- John Lennon- We can be. Heroes.

Tubthumping- Chumbawamba- I get knocked down- but I GET UP AGAIN!! You’re never gonna keep me down! This one’s for all of us. (I so do not condone the cocktail list, though! Omg! Lol!)


Songs for You:

I Was Broken- Marcus Foster- But it’s over now. (And I’m so glad!) So crazy the lyrics fit so well… It’s how I feel. So, yeah- Thanks. You made it better. 


(Here are a few of the songs I'd heard, and a couple I never had:)




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